Smok'nGold's Murphy's Law ( Murphy)
Owner Steve Johns
 Kya/Finn 2011

Smok'nGold's SkyRocket in Flyte (Flyte)
Owner Marsha Hall
Kya/Finn 2011


Smok'nGold's Sky's the Limit (Sass)
Owner Doug Brandt
Kya/Finn 2011

Smok'nGold's Playing With Fire ( Crush)
Owner Jasmine DeBlois
Kya/Finn 2011

Smokin' Gold's Praire Fire (Sophie)
Owner Jessie Anton
Kya/Stanley 2010

Smokin' Gold's Red Coat Doc (Doc)
Owner Dave and Sally Struthers
Kya/Kobe 2009



Smok'nGold's Man of the Sun (Sampson)
Owner Terry Graham
Cruz/ Splash 2012
To see more great pictures of Sampson 
 and Freya go toTerry Graham's website
Smok'nGold's Got Spunk (Khloe) 
Owner Tracy Stewart
Cruz/Splash 2012

Smok'nGold's Midnight Rider (Tatum)
Owner Jeff Burtnack
Kya/Finn 2011

Smok'NGold Goddess Of Love
Owner Jennifer Dow
Cruz/Splash 2012
Smok'nGold's Cara's Angel
Owner Gary Heisler
Cruz/Splash 2012
Smok'nGold's Mr. Bo Jangles
Owners Aaron Daters and Kaley Dennison Daters
Cruz/Splash 2012


Smok'nGold's Lemon Drop
Kona and her special bud Oliver
Owners William and Joni Litchfield
Cruz/Splash 2012


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